Google is testing revamped Assistant Updates tab on some users

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Google seems to have started cautiously distributing a new look for the Assistant Updates tab. Several users report an overhauled and clearer tab that focuses more on the information that is really relevant at that moment.

One of the users to whom the new Assistant Updates tab appeared on Thursday was the person behind the Twitter account @edpratti. He made some screenshots and also a short video of the adjustments. What is immediately noticeable is that the Updates tab is no longer full of actions such as ‘Call someone’ or ‘Play a game’, which users may experience as unnecessary.

The new Assistant Updates tab mainly shows the maps that are relevant, such as the weather forecast and important events for the coming hours and days. The cards are designed more calmly and in some cases have a background color. By making the greeting smaller in the new interface, more relevant information is visible.

The behavior of the cards is also different. By clicking on them, the cards unfold and additional details appear. With the ‘old’ Assistant Updates tab, the user usually ended up on a new screen in such cases.

It’s not clear when Google will roll out the revamped Assistant Updates tab on a large scale. The same applies to the new Google Assistant, which recently also received a small cosmetic update, but is currently only available on the Pixel 4 smartphone.

The ‘old’ tab on the left and the new Assistant Updates tab on the right. Screenshot right: @edpratti

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