Teardown shows that AirPods Pro has coin cell battery

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A teardown from iFixit shows Apple’s AirPods Pro having a button cell battery, presumably from Germany’s Varta. That does not mean that you can replace the battery yourself, because Apple’s new wireless earphones are still not repairable.

The button cell has the type number CP1154, according to the iFixit teardown. That is almost equal to the battery in the Galaxy Buds from competitor Samsung, which has the type number CP1254. The battery of the Galaxy Buds comes from Varta and given the type number and the designation ‘made in Germany’, there is a good chance that the AirPods Pro also have button cells from the Varta factories on board.

The batteries of the Galaxy Buds have a capacity of 60mAh, but the capacity of the button cells in the AirPods Pro is unknown. The box of the new AirPods has a 510mAh battery. That is slightly larger than the capacity of the battery in the box of the regular AirPods. It is also striking that the battery in the box consists of two different units.

Just like with previous generations, iFixit again had great difficulty opening the AirPods and that didn’t quite work either. For example, the processor was not visible after the teardown and there was also a metal protective cover that the technicians could not remove.

Apple had already announced to Wired journalist Lauren Goode that the AirPods Pro are not repairable. If the battery capacity drops after a few years of use, the only option is to throw away the earplugs. Apple has been selling the Pro version of its earphones since this week.

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