Nintendo shipped 1.95 million Switch Lite consoles

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Nintendo has released its financial figures for the first half of the fiscal year. The company has shipped 6.93 million Nintendo Switch consoles to retail outlets during that period, including 1.95 million Switch Lite models.

Nintendo shipped around 6.93 million Nintendo Switch consoles in the first half of fiscal 2019. This period ended on September 30. The company brought 2.13 million Switch units to store shelves in the first quarter. This means that Nintendo shipped 4.8 million Switch consoles in the past quarter. This includes 1.95 million Switch Lite models. This dockless handheld was released on September 20 and reached the 1.95 million mark in ten days. The regular Nintendo Switch has been shipped 2.85 million times in the past three months. No distinction is made here between the ‘old’ model and the new version with improved battery life.

A total of 41.67 million Switch consoles have now gone on sale worldwide. This brings the console close to the SNES, of which 49 million copies were in circulation. In terms of software sales, the Switch has surpassed the Nintendo 64 in the past quarter; in total, 246 million games have been shipped for the Switch at the time of writing. With the N64, this number is about 225 million games.

Nintendo shipped 35.87 million games in the past quarter. Link’s Awakening has been delivered 3.1 million times since its release; for Super Mario Maker, that number was 1.51 million in the past quarter, but that game sold 2.42 million copies in June, the month of release. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been delivered 2.29 million copies in the past quarter. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a game released in April 2017, has been sent to retail outlets 1.12 million times during the past quarter.

Nintendo had a turnover of approximately 271.9 billion yen in the past quarter, which amounts to 2.25 billion euros. The company achieved a net profit of 375 million euros.

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