New Zelda game Echoes of Wisdom will be released for Switch in September

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Nintendo is working on a new The Legend of Zelda game. This game, called Echoes of Wisdom, takes a top-down perspective. The graphics are comparable to the Link's Awakening remake from 2019. Echoes of Wisdom will be released for the Switch in September.

Nintendo demonstrated The Legends of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom during a Direct presentation. The trailer the company showed started with a battle between Link and Ganondorf. The former won, but then disappeared into a black hole. Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma also says that Link has disappeared.

That's why Princess Zelda is the protagonist of Echoes of Wisdom this time. In the game, players must save Hyrule as that princess. She receives a special staff for this, the tri-rod, with special powers. This allows players to duplicate objects from the game world in order to avoid obstacles. Those duplicates, called echoes, form the basis of the game.

For example, the trailer shows Zelda setting up a table as a setup to climb a high cliff. Later in the trailer, she also sets up a stack of 'water cubes', which she can use to swim up to climb a mountain. The system can also be used in combat. For example, players can place rocks and then throw them at an enemy. Those same enemies can also be duplicated. Those copies of enemies will fight on Zelda's behalf.

Nintendo will release The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom on September 26, 2024 for the Nintendo Switch. There will also be a special version of the Nintendo Switch Lite console, with a gold appearance. It will also be released on September 26.

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