Google fixes bug that Nest Hub user showed other people’s doorbell camera

It appears that Google has fixed a bug that caused at least one Nest Hub user to see someone else’s doorbell camera. The internet giant had already announced that it was working on the problem.

Earlier this month, a user of the Nest Hub on Reddit said he saw footage from a doorbell camera that isn’t his. He stated that he does not own a Nest doorbell, so the images must have come from someone else’s account. A Google spokesperson then responded that the issue is being worked on, and contacted the Reddit user to have the Nest Hub sent in for investigation.

According to the Reddit user, he has already done this, and Google has also told him that the bug has since been fixed via a software update. However, the internet giant has not publicly disclosed anything; a request for comment has so far not been responded to. As a result, it is not clear whether the problem has been seen in more people.

It is not the first time that someone else’s images turn up with the wrong person. Previously, Xiaomi cameras linked to the Google Assistant suffered from this problem .