Google Drive lifts limit of five million items

Google Drive lifts the limit of five million items again. That has been reported by the company. The search giant had set the limit several months ago, but never told users about it or made any mention of it in support documentation.

The limit affected ‘a limited number of people’, says Google. These were probably the largest and most paying customers. The limit was necessary, according to Google, to ensure web storage stability and optimize performance. Now Google is going to find other ways to do that, without putting a limit on the number of files that can be in a Drive account.

Google says now that if it makes changes, it will notify customers and users in advance. That didn’t happen now. The fact that the limit was there only came to the fore when reports came in. Only after that did the company confirm that there was a limit.

The popup that appears when users have created more than five million files in Google Drive