Google CEO Vic Gundotra announces departure

Vic Gundotra, who leads the social networking site Google+ at Google, has announced that he will be leaving the company. It is unclear what the CEO will do after his departure from Google. Google+ is still not very popular.

Gundotra, 45, made his departure known on his Google+ page. The CEO does not disclose many details about the reason for his departure, or what he will do after his departure. Google CEO Larry Page thanked Gundotra and said he would continue to build on the social networking site Google+, which Gundotra led.

Google+ is still unpopular almost three years after its release. Although many people have a Google+ profile, the site is rarely used in practice. It is unclear whether this contributed to Gundotra’s decision to leave the internet giant. He will be succeeded by David Besbris, who is already involved in the development of Google+. Gundotra will leave Google immediately after a period of almost eight years.

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