Google adjusts Android Wear notification screen with 2.8 update

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Google is making Android Wear 2.8 available to wearables operating system users. The modest update to the operating system changes the layout of the notification screen and offers a darker background.

The Android Wear 2.8 update improves the display of notifications. The custom layout shows more of the messages, helping the user quickly scan notifications on their wearable.

In addition, Google has darkened the background of the operating system. This should improve the readability of, for example, text. Furthermore, the change from gray to black in wearables with OLED screens may lead to a longer battery life, since OLEDs consume less with black display.

Google will release the update in the coming days. It is an update of the Android Wear app via the Play Store for smartphones, not an over-the-air update for some smartwatches.

Image courtesy of Imgur

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