Gmail can be set as the default email app in iOS 14

With the arrival of iOS 14, users can set other mail apps as the default email app. This is now also possible with Gmail. Previously this was already possible with Outlook, Microsoft’s e-mail service, and it is also possible with some other e-mail services.

The update that makes it possible to set Gmail as the default email app has now been released for iOS. Users can set Google’s service as the default email app from within the app or through the iOS settings. Google recently announced that the option to set Gmail as the default email app on iOS was coming, but didn’t give a release date yet.

Incidentally, 9to5Mac previously reported that there appears to be a bug that causes a third-party browser or email app to be unset after an iPhone restart. The iPhone uses Apple’s own mail app and the Safari browser as standard apps. It is not known when this problem will be resolved.

Wednesday Apple released its new operating system for iPhones. IOS 14 makes it possible to set another mail app as the default app and the same goes for browsers like Chrome. Furthermore, all kinds of changes have been made to the interface of iPhones, such as the possibility to place widgets on home screens.

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