German supplier presents Face ID variant for devices with Qualcomm socs

A German supplier has presented a system for biometric authentication via a 3D scan of the face. Apple has such a system in the iPhone X. Jabil’s system works with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 845, among others.

The supplier, the German Jabil Optics, supplies the module with an infrared camera and dot projector, just like the TrueDepth camera in the iPhone X. The supplier has options for adding a regular RGB camera sensor to the module. There are also options for adding fisheye lenses.

The dot projector can project a total of just over 160,000 dots and works at a distance between fifty centimeters and five meters. The laser operates at a wavelength of 825nm. The angle of view is 60 degrees horizontally and 45 degrees vertically.

The fisheye lenses are not required for biometric authentication, but the module can also be used for scanning rooms. This can come in handy for integration in VR glasses, among other things. The module is compatible with the smartphone versions of the Snapdragon 660, 835 and the 845 that have not yet been presented, as well as with the VR versions of the 835 and 845. The VR versions do not contain a built-in modem.

In addition, the module is also useful for estimating depth on a photo, with which manufacturers can create software to blur the background. This now often happens with a second camera, but that method often does not work flawlessly, so that the software in the photo also blurs hair or ears. It is unknown whether it would function flawlessly with this system.

Jabil claims the system is ready for mass production, although it is unknown if it has made deals with well-known smartphone makers. Jabil Optics is a German division of the American company Jabil, which produces electronic equipment for various industries.

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