Gangster strategy game Empire of Sin has been delayed until fall 2020

Empire of Sin will not be released this spring, but only in the fall. The game has been postponed due to work still to be done. The strategy game set in 1920s Chicago is made by Romero Games.

Via Twitter is the delay of the game announced. The makers don’t give concrete details, but from the wording it can be concluded that more time is needed to finish the game. Empire of Sin was announced in June at E3 last year. The game is set to come out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and PC.

The turn-based game is partly about real criminals and partly about fictional characters. Empire of Sin is made by Romero Games, the studio of married couple Brenda and John Romero. Brenda is in charge of the new strategy game. John is known as the co-founder of id Software and his work on games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake.