Fujifilm presents XF10 compact camera with aps-c sensor

Fujifilm has announced the XF10, a compact camera with a large sensor and a 28mm fixed focal length lens in full-frame equivalent. The camera has a regular 24-megapixel sensor with a Bayer design.

The lens of the Fujifilm XF10 has an aperture that is adjustable from f/2.8 to f/16. The device weighs 330 grams and measures 113x64x41mm. The camera has a 3″ touchscreen on the back and the housing has a built-in flash. According to Fujifilm, the battery is good for taking 330 photos on a full charge.

Fujifilm provides the XF10 with a regular 24-megapixel sensor with Bayer filter. In many of its other cameras, the manufacturer uses cmos sensors with the X-Trans design, with the color filters applied semi-randomly. The aps-c sensor in the XF10 has a light sensitivity of 200 to 12,800 iso and that can be expanded to 100 and 51,200 with a digital boost. Fujifilm has put some sample photos on its website.

The XF10 is less advanced than the X70 that Fujifilm released two years ago. That too is a compact camera with a 28mm lens and an aps-c sensor. The XF10 has no tilting screen, no hot shoe for a flash, and no aperture ring around the lens. In addition, the control buttons are different. However, the new model is slightly smaller and also cheaper.

The device has WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone. In the US, the XF10 will be on the market in August for a suggested retail price of $500. Converted with VAT, that is about 519 euros.