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From June 15 on Netflix

It is still a while but as of 15 June 2018 the new fifth season of The Ranch is on Netflix . And so the Bennets are back for 10 episodes of beer, a wedding, collisions with the authorities, everything around the farm and lots of fun.

The Ranch part 5

We continue at the surprising end of season 4. Colt (Ashton Kutcher) and Rooster Bennet had a nice deal, they thought. Behind Beau’s back they took over Peterson’s adjacent Ranch to pay them off with the money they would get for the oil pipeline. But in the last shots of season 4, we see Jen (played by Maggie Lawson) telling the boys the bad news.

After the shocking news of the pipeline that is not going through, Colt and Rooster can not escape telling Beau and Maggie the bad news. And they will have to go to the bar to keep the two ranches running without having to spend a penny to spend.

In addition, the relationship between Abby and Colt is under considerable pressure, including the wedding and Abby, who will be working in Denver. Beau still likes it with Joanne but financial insecurity, the cruelty of mother nature and risky decisions make the Bennett’s struggle to keep everything together.

How to proceed? Check the first trailer of the fifth part below.


The only (perhaps quite a big) drawback is that Jameson “Rooster” Bennet, played by Danny Masterson, can not be seen in the trailer at all. He will still briefly make his appearance, but after his resignation at the show they have already chosen not to bring him in the trailer. A loss for the series because he formed a hilarious duo together with Colt.

Dax Shepard in the Ranch

Additionally, Dax Shepard will make his appearance in The Ranch. He creeps into the role of Luke Matthews, a former soldier who returns to Garrison, meets the Bennets and finds it good with Colt and Beau at the Iron River Ranch.

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