Peugeot 3008; ideal family car

Last year, the Peugeot 3008 was voted car of the year . The SUV is complete, tough and spacious. It is an ideal family car. A big plus is that there is enough space in the back for the often large and awkward child seats. This means you do not have to put the passenger seat or the driver’s seat forward. There is room for those little legs. An additional advantage is that you do not feel a stump in your back every 3 seconds when the children are very innocent.

Child seats

Ideally, this is an SUV. The children are higher so you have to bend less and reach. Also, because of this, they can look much better outside, which means that the risk of auto sickness falls significantly, I can say from experience.

Glass roof

Especially with small children, having a glass roof is a great added value. It gives the children the feeling of freedom in the back. In addition, my experience is that staring at the air for children while riding is very soothing. Which can be very pleasant.


The trunk is certainly suitable to carry a pram, toys and a number of shopping bags. However, if you want to go away for a long weekend with your family or drive to the campsite in France, you would recommend putting a ski box on the day. Here you can store that awkward and big pram so you have enough space in the trunk available.

Defining a street scene

Thanks to the new i Cockpit, the dashboard is completely digital and can therefore be called absolutely distinctive and innovative. The car is just very complete, modern, innovative and has a good price-quality ratio. The SUV will determine the streets for years to come.


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