Free whitepaper ‘Skip or move?’

Have you, as a homeowner, ever thought about how you can lower your housing costs? Crossing your mortgage is a good option to save on your monthly costs due to low mortgage rates. But have you ever thought about the fact that you can often move to a more expensive home for the same money? With a bit of luck, moving is even cheaper than staying where you live now. Such an opportunity will not let you pass you by anyway? Time to put some figures in a row and see where your savings options are!

Can you better switch or relocate?

Both switching and moving offer opportunities to save, but what is the best option for you? ? In the whitepaper ‘Oversluiten or verhuizen?’, The mortgage advisors of Financial Masters clearly list all the advantages and disadvantages of these options. They answer the questions:

  1. Which developments in the housing market provide these savings options?
  2. Why is your mortgage transfer now recommended?
  3. Why is it wise to move now?
  4. Can you better transfer or relocate? [19659008] The answers to these questions can be found together with a handy overview with advantages and disadvantages in the whitepaper ‘Skip or move?’. Download the whitepaper for free from the Financial Masters website and discover the best way to save for you!