Foxconn wants to hire 15,000 more employees

Foxconn plans to hire 15,000 additional staff in Taiwan. After the expansion, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer wants to win more contracts, address other markets and increase its profit margin.

Foxconn plans to recruit in telecommunications, e-commerce, biotechnology, automation, and hardware and software development. That reports The Wall Street Journal. At the moment Foxconn is still mainly a manufacturer of electronics and components. To attract candidates, the company offers health care benefits, various gifts and opportunities to work at Foxconn locations in other countries, among other things.

Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai, has in recent years made products for Apple, Dell, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, among others. The company has about 46,000 employees in Taiwan and more than a million employees in China. In addition to hiring more human workers, the company is also increasingly deploying robots, for which it is believed to be partnering with Google.