Asus considers smartwatch with voice and gesture control

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Asus’ first wearable will be an accessory for a smartphone and not a separate device. In addition, the Taiwanese company is considering using voice and gesture control for wearables, although breakthroughs in this area would still be needed.

This is evident from statements made by the company’s CEO, Jonney Shih, at an event of the National Taiwan University, according to Focus Taiwan. The first wearable from Asus, probably a smartwatch, should be an addition to a smartphone, according to the CEO, because smartphone applications are better developed for consumers.

The voice and gesture control would be necessary because of the limitations of a small screen with a wearable, but according to Shih, breakthroughs are needed to make control with voices and hand gestures really useful. One of the issues that Asus would run into is the energy consumption, which according to Shih should be a tenth of that of a smartphone with a wearable. He also discussed the rise of cheap Android devices from China. The CEO said Asus will compete “aggressively” with “attractive prices.”

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