Fourth generation Apple Watch has larger screen and larger housing

Apple has presented Watch Series 4. The new Apple Watch has a larger screen than the first three generations of the watch. The casing has also become slightly larger and the largest version now has a 44mm casing.

This makes the casing 2mm bigger because the larger version was 42mm. The small version goes from 38mm to 40mm. On the other hand, there is a considerably larger OLED screen in the housing. According to Apple, the OLED screens are 32 and 35 percent larger than in the previous generation. Moreover, there are more complications in watchfaces and that is why there are now more, according to the manufacturer.

The Apple Watch has hardware built in to make an electrocardiogram. This is done by placing the finger on the digital crown. It works together with the optical heart rate sensor on the back to get an electrocardiogram in thirty seconds. Apple has also adapted the algorithms for heart rate analysis, allowing him to detect heartbeat and heart rhythm abnormalities.

The digital crown has now received haptic feedback and gives taps when scrolling. The speaker is louder than with the previous generation to make calling better possible. The range of the watch is also better, because the back of a material is also made to transmit signals.

The soc is the Apple S4-soc. It has two 64 bit processor cores and has to be twice as fast as the S3 from Series 3. The motion sensors have also been updated and can now be detected by a higher sample rate. If the watch has detected a fall, the user is given the option to call an emergency number. If the user does nothing, the watch automatically dials an emergency number and communicates the location to preset emergency contacts

Apple will sell the new Watch from 21 September. The version without 4g will cost $ 399, the version with 4g will be sold for $ 499. The euro prices are not yet known.