Forza Motorsport will be released later this year

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Forza Motorsport, the latest game on the more serious side of the franchise, is being “polished and prepped” for release “later this year.” The developer previously talked about a Spring 2023 release.

The change in word choice may indicate a postponement of the release, but at the same time there are still about two months left in this spring. Should the game still be released during that period, it can also technically be described as ‘later this year’. Game journalist Jeff Grubb, who often comes with insider news from gameland, previously reported did say that the game was moved to later in the year and then “probably not the first half of the year.”

Forza Motorsport is the counterpart of Forza Horizon and focuses more on professional races on racetracks; Forza Horizon is more about street racing. The last game in the series dates from 2017. Horizon received another new part in 2021 in the form of Horizon 5.

The last time the game was shown was in January. Then developer Turn 10 Studios spoke of ‘the most technically advanced racing game ever made’. The game must contain more than five hundred cars and twenty environments to collect. In addition, the studio talked about a fully dynamic weather system and a much improved physics model. The game should be released for Windows and the Xbox Series.

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