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Five mistakes people make when using air conditioning

A trip to the beach or with the car on holiday to the South of France: the air conditioning is full on during summer car trips. Behind air conditioning is a lot of technology. According to SEAT, it takes about three years per model to develop the cooling system. The geometry of the ventilation openings has to be studied and virtual simulations are made to predict how the air enters the car.

However, we often make mistakes when using the air conditioning in the car. These are the five most common mistakes:

1. Immediately switch on the air conditioner

Before you turn on the airco immediately, it is better to first open the car doors and windows for one minute. In this way you first lower the temperature in a natural way. If the car is ventilated, you can close the doors and windows and switch on the air conditioning.

2. Activating the recirculation

Allowing the air to circulate in the car can cause the windows to fog. Prefer the ‘Auto option’. Then the airflow can regulate itself and spread evenly.

3. Do not turn on the air conditioner in the morning because it is still cool

In the morning when it is not hot, you better turn on the air condition, possibly at a higher temperature. This prevents the windows from fogging when the temperature rises outside.

4. Aiming the air grill incorrectly

People often use the air conditioning if they do not feel enough, but this is also a matter of the direction in which the air is blowing. The air flaps must be directed upwards and not on someone’s face. As a result, the air blows through the entire car and all passengers feel the air conditioning.

5. Do not carry out regular maintenance

Not only the oil, wheels and brakes should be regularly maintained, but also the air conditioning. The air filters should be replaced every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers. This keeps the speed and intensity of the airflow.

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