Five executives leave Kaspersky over disagreement

Five executives have left Kaspersky in the past month. The security firm confirmed the five left after disagreements with CEO Eugene Kaspersky, but declined to provide further details.

The departure of the five was brought out by Reuters, who subsequently received confirmation of the news from Kaspersky. The company said a disagreement was the cause of the departure, but no further substantive comment was made. Also, none of the departed top executives was willing to comment.

Reuters was able to find out who exactly left Kaspersky. These are chief technology officer Nikolay Grebennikov, the director and two other top people of Kaspersky’s North American branch and the head of the marketing department.

The five top executives who have left are said to have problems with the way the company is run by CEO Eugene Kaspersky. Although no details have been disclosed, there was previously disagreement because the CEO, who also owns many of the shares, would have shelved plans to bring Kaspersky to the stock market.