Firmware Update: Western Digital WD TV Live 1.01.11

Western Digital has released a new firmware for its WD TV Live media player. The firmware has jersey number 1.01.11 and is a small 30MB in size. There is a topic about this media player on our own GoT forum. In version 1.01.11, the list of supported USB wireless network cards has been expanded, cover art can be displayed when looking at music albums and a lot of bugs have been fixed. Below is the full changelog for this release:

New Features:

  • Added more USB WLAN adapter support. Click here for list of compatible adapters.
  • Added cover art display function when viewing music files in album view.
  • Added user selectable on/off for fade in and fade out effect while browsing files.
  • Added a progress indicator when searching for online firmware updates; previously there was no feedback to user
  • Added a “Display Resolution” field so that users can see the current resolution setting more efficiently; previously this setting was within another menu
  • Added a warning and confirmation message before a file is overwritten using the file manager; previously there was no warning
  • Added multiple page support for file management functions; previously only one page could be managed through the file manager
  • Added a user selectable “on/off” for the fade in and fade out effect while browsing files; previously this was defaulted to on all the time
  • Added a message when the USB device is improperly removed without being ejected first
  • Added cover art display function when viewing music files in album view
  • Added more character spaces for filenames when viewing videos in preview mode; previously the filenames were very short before being cut off

Resolved Issues:

  • Resolved issue of no audio when there is only a single, center channel audio stream in a video.
  • Resolved issue where “Repeat” and “Shuffle” icons were overlapping filename
  • Resolved issue of no audio when there is only a single, center channel audio stream in a video
  • Resolved issue with Korean subtitles displaying irregular spacing between lines
  • Resolved UI issue when “Related Videos” is displayed in YouTube; previously a Flickr image would also be displayed
  • Resolved typo in the YouTube menu to “Delete all accounts;” previously “Delete all account” was displayed
  • Resolved wording issues on the network password menu
  • Resolved issue where WLAN preferences appeared even if no WLAN adapter is connected
  • Resolved filename display issue in preview mode where filenames were being truncated to “…” even if there were only 3 remaining characters to be displayed
  • Resolved issue with Flickr network connection dropping when the “Prev” or “Next” keys are repeatedly pressed on the remote
  • Resolved issue of files sorting and sequencing first by capital letters, then by lowercase letters; files previously displaying in this order: A.jpg, B.jpg, a.jpg, now display properly as: A.jpg, a.jpg, B.jpg
  • Resolved playback issue where green blocks would appear on the screen when using “FF” or “Rev” during VOB playback
  • Resolved issue of the progress indicator not automatically disappearing after “FF” or “Rev” was used during playback
  • Resolved issue of the info bar not appearing after using a “Next” or “Prev” function during file playback
  • Resolved issue that caused the device to hang while refreshing network settings
  • Resolved display error when streaming music files from uPNP server for next song display
  • Resolved font issue in the drive unlock password menu
  • Resolved issues with Live365 sorting parameters and row attributes
  • Changed error message from “Folder could not be accessed” to “Auto Play content could not be accessed” when Auto Play is on and there is no playable content on the root of the drive
  • Resolved issue when trying to playback an empty folder; previously it would process infinitely with no result or error
  • Resolved issue when displaying photos from a network share where “Prev” and “Next” are used; previously the pictures would display out of order
  • Resolved issue where the WD TV Live Media Player would hang if a NAS device is disconnected from the network during media playback
  • Resolved Spanish translation issues
  • Resolved issues pertaining to Pandora playback and interface
  • Removed unnecessary icon in file management page
  • Resolved issue where WD TV Live Media Player failed to refresh the attached storage when browsing from a PC
  • Resolved issue where YouTube video could not be replayed after switching from wired network to wireless network
  • Resolved playback issues with some AVI files where audio would de-sync from the video, previously audio would keep playing but video would re-start halfway through
  • Resolved issue with TWONKY media server where the WD TV Live HD Media Player was being displayed as “Generic Playback Device;” the appropriate name is now displayed
  • Resolved issue where WD TV Live HD Media Player kept trying to catalog the hard drive after it had been ejected
  • Resolved issue in YouTube video playback where video information is still displayed in “Related Videos” section
  • Resolved restart issue during browsing in Live365 VIP stations
  • Resolved issue in YouTube search that cause the WDTV Live to restart
  • Resolved playback issues with some MPEG2 video files
  • Resolved translation issues with Live365 sign-in page
  • Resolved issue where file skip (“Prev” and “Next”) doesn’t work properly when there are only 2 files in the folder
  • Resolved issue surrounding “File Repeat” function after a system reset
  • Resolved issue of time-stamping files to “1/1/2000”; now timestamps are untouched by the WDTV Live HD Media Player
  • Expanded support for user names greater than 20 characters

Version number 1.01.11
Release status Final
Website Western Digital
File size 28.20MB
License type Freeware