Firmware Update: Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player 1.02.10 Prerelease

Western Digital has for the TV HD Media Player new firmware released with 1.02.10 prerelease as the version designation. For more information about the TV HD Media Player, we refer you to our review. The developers of WD have squashed a number of bugs with this prerelease, as shown in the following short list of changes to the WD TV wiki can be read:

Changelog of 1.02.10:

  • fixed: Greek subtitles now render properly. Previously they rendered slowly, causing them to briefly flash on the screen.
  • fixed: Korean subtitles now render properly. Previously they disappeared during video playback.
  • fixed: Playlists play in the correct order. Previously they played files in alphabetical order.
  • feature: Metadata support for music improved over previous releases. For example, browsing by genre is broken down into artists, then albums, then tracks.
  • known issue: A few text strings were not translated properly over different UI languages.

Version number 1.02.10 pre-release
Release status beta
Website Western Digital
File size 12.39MB
License type Freeware