Firmware Update: Tyan Tomcat K8S 1.12

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Tyan has named for his motherboard Tomcat K8S (S2850) released a new BIOS with 1.12 as the version number. Since it’s been a while since this BIOS has been featured in the junk tracker, we’re listing the changes since the last entry. These changes look like this:

Version 1.12:

  • Fixed an issue where the FDD isn’t usable inside of Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the CMOS does not load default values ​​after clearing

Version 1.10:

  • Fixed an issue where temperatures were not displaying correctly
  • Added M2043x Riser card support
  • Updated SIL3114 firmware to v5.0.49

Version 1.09:

  • Added AMD D0 and Ex CPU stepping support
  • Added PXE endless loop function and setup item to fix an int19 issue
  • Added AMD PowerNOW support
  • Updated SiL3114 Option ROM to v5.0.48

Version 1.08:

  • Added Opteron CPU CG stepping support
  • Added Opteron 150 CPU support

Version 1.07:

  • Fixed boot without keyboard issue
  • Updated Silicon Image 3114 firmware to v5.0.31


Version number 1.12
Operating systems DOS
Website Tyan
License type Freeware
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