Firmware update: Sony PlayStation 4 2.5

Sony has released new firmware for the PlayStation 4. The new firmware carries version number 2.5 and is 234MB in size. Downloading is preferably done from the menu of the game console itself, but can also be done via the Sony website† Version 2.5 includes the ability to quickly resume a game after waking from sleep mode and the option to back up to an external hard drive or USB stick. The complete changelog for this release can be found below.

The main features in version 2.50 of the system software

  • ‘PSN’ has been renamed ‘PlayStation Network’.
  • The PS4 system can now suspend apps when the system is in rest mode. Put a check in [Applicatie opgeschort houden] under (Settings) > [Instellingen voor energiebesparing] † [Functies instellen die beschikbaar zijn in de rustmodus]†
  • You can now back up data on the PS4 system and save it to a USB storage device. Select (Settings) > [Systeem] † [Back-ups maken en herstellen]†
  • You can now adjust accessibility settings such as zoom and button assignments. Select (Settings) > [Toegankelijkheid]†
  • You can now upload video clips to Dailymotion.


  • You can now test the connection speed when you start Share Play as host. You can check whether the speed of your internet connection is sufficient for Share Play.
  • Now you can adjust the video resolution and framerate settings for Share Play. Select [Videokwaliteit voor Share Play] in the Party settings.


  • Screenshots of scenes where you have earned trophies are now automatically saved.
  • You can now share trophy details and screenshots of scenes where you have earned trophies.
  • The following features have been added to the (Trophies) options menu: you can now search the web for information about trophies; you can now sort trophies by [Datum verdiend]† [Niet verdiend] or [Rang] and remove trophies with 0% progress.


  • You can now upgrade a sub account to a master account. [Je account upgraden] appears in (Settings) > [PlayStation Network/Accountbeheer] † [Accountgegevens] when the sub account user is old enough to create a master account.
  • If your Sony Entertainment Network account and Facebook account are linked, your Facebook friends will now be listed as players you may know. Select [Spelers die je mogelijk kent] in (Settings) > [PlayStation Network/Accountbeheer] † [Privacy-instellingen] † [Verbinding maken met vrienden] or [Je informatie beschermen]†
  • [Tekst met slagschaduw] has been added to (Settings) > [Thema’s]† If the text is difficult to read, you can add a shadow to improve readability.
  • The PS4 system software can now be updated automatically. Put a check in [Software-update van systeembestanden] and [Automatisch installeren] below [Instellingen) > [Systeem] † [Automatisch downloaden en uploaden]†


  • [Ontdekken] has been added to (Notifications). You will now see tips on how to use the PS4 system.
  • You can now play videos on discs using the touchpad: swipe left or right on the touchpad to rewind or fast forward 15 seconds; You can play a video from a certain point by pressing the touchpad key and then dragging the touchpad left or right to choose a chapter or time.
  • You can now enter up to 140 characters about yourself in your profile.
  • When you send a friend request to a player whose real name is displayed, your real name will also be displayed when the player accepts your request.

Version number 2.5
Release status Final
Website Sony
File size


License type Freeware