Firmware Update: Popcorn Hour A110 01-17-091022-15-POP-403-000

Syabas Technology has released a new firmware for the Popcorn Hour A-110. This so-called Networked Media Tank can play audio and video from the optional built-in hard disk. But the device can also be used without a hard disk, because content is then streamed from a NAS system or a computer. Updating the firmware can be done from Setup > Maintenance > Check for firmware update menu, but also to download is possible. Below is the changelog for this release:

Changes in version 01-17-091022-15-POP-403-000

  • New NMT apps, 00-17-091014-15-POP-403
  • Internet Radio link added in Web Services
  • Screensaver support during playback pause
  • non-JPEG rotation
  • Japanese subtitle support option
  • Remove “Audio */*: ***” message at start of video playback (eg TS)
  • IDX/SUB support added
  • Image cache issue fix
  • workaround DirecTV UPnP crash issue
  • Fixed ISO with single subtitle track cannot display (QA#0528)
  • Turkish codepage bug fix
  • workaround MP3 volume soft after ISO/IFO playback (QA#0487)
  • TFixed copy small file from NTFS cause system crash
  • Fixed HDD icon on Media Source page occasionally disappearing
  • Fixed MP3 volume soft after DVD playback.
  • Added Dolby Digital disclaimer at [Maintenance] page.
  • Fixed Missing HDD/USB device entries from [Media Source] page.
  • Prevent multiple [Media Source] page refresh during startup process.
  • Fixed blank info in network share edit page, also missing remove button.
  • Fixed blank page when browse network share from network share page
  • Fixed wording “Scan complete” appears at the top left corner after performing wifi scan.
  • Fixed VESA tv mode display either flickering or black screen.
  • Fixed Selecting AP “linksys28” will have the SSID wrongly changed to “linksys28P1”
  • Fixed UPnPAV server detection issue after changing new hostname or restarting server.
  • Fixed Playback of BD-ripped M2TS (eg movie “Taken”) causing system crash.
  • Fixed broken Kartina TV support.
  • Changed Japanese and Chinese (both simplified & traditional) translation of “Crop” under “Video Zoom” option in setup page.
  • Fixed volume automatically increased from “-15” to “-14” issue when playback the next item in a playlist.
  • Fixed refreshing server listing page shows corrupted page
  • Fixed vobsub crash when only idx file exist in the folder
  • Fixed vobsub load regardless of filename
  • Fixed vobsub positioning problem
  • Fixed twonkyserver photo slide show using low resolution
  • Added dynamic javascript loading
  • Known issue: multi-language vobsub not supported

NMT Apps 00-17-091014-15-POP-403:

  • Minimum firmware version to use this NMT App is 00-17-090115-15-POP-40x-000
  • Myihomelite, change audio playback slideshow images

Version number 01-17-091022-15-POP-403-000
Release status Alpha
Website Syabas Technology
File size 55.70MB
License type Freeware

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