Firmware update: AVM Fritz!Box 7590 7.12

The AVM Fritz!Box 7590 is a vdsl2/adsl2+ modem, gigabit router, access point up to and including 802.11ac and dect base station for up to six handsets in one. The device also has two USB 3.0 connections, with which a printer or external storage capacity can be shared on the network. Reverting to the original firmware is always possible; so make sure you have a backup. Updating the firmware can be done from the user interface yourself, but you can also download separately. AVM has updated the firmware with Fritz!OS 7.12 and it brings the following improvements:

New Features:

  • Over 50 new features and improvements: more performance and convenience in the wireless network, Mesh and Smart Home
  • Seamlessly connected in the Mesh: Mesh WiFi steering, shared telephone book and Smart Home
  • Well informed: Important information arrives simply and directly at the email address of your MyFRITZ! account
  • New in the internet: more information on DSL, faster LTE and expanded VPN functions
  • Added value for FRITZ!Fon: easy sharing of access to the wireless guest access, direct blocking of telephone numbers, and much more
  • Practical to operate: quick overview of updates for FRITZ! products, LEDs can be switched off
  • Stronger support for new products: FRITZ!Repeater 3000 and FRITZ!DECT 400 Smart Home switch

Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 07.12


  • Improved Certain information adapted on DSL pages
  • Improved 35b interoperability to certain Broadcom remote sites improved


  • Fixed Sporadic change of shared ports in rare cases
  • Improved Increased stability


  • Fixed Time display for scan of wireless environment (5GHz band) corrected


  • Fixed Mesh WiFi steering for devices on the wireless guest access improved
  • Improved stability


  • Fixed Playback of voice messages on failed in iOS and macOS
  • Fixed Possible crash during use of call diversions
  • Fixed ISDN data calls no longer worked with FRITZ!OS 7.10/7.11


  • Fixed PIN query came despite disabled PIN

Home network:

  • Fixed Powerline information of a FRITZ!Powerline device connected with the FRITZ!Box via LAN were missing in the “Device Details” area


  • Improved Stability
  • Improved Browser compatibility optimized for saving table renderings locally
  • Fixed Push Service could not be disabled
  • Fixed Push Service for saving settings deleted the sender settings
  • Fixed During assignment of VPN rights for the current user, under certain circumstances this user’s other rights were removed
  • Fixed Update in progress on FRITZ!Repeaters was displayed for too long in the “Mesh Overview”

Version number 7.12
Release status Final
Website AVM
License type Freeware