Firmware update: AVM Fritz!Box 5490 151.07.01

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AVM has released new firmware for its AVM FRITZ!Box 5490. The 5490 is a broadband router, access point up to and including 802.11ac and dect base station for up to six handsets in one. Furthermore, the device has two USB 3.0 connections, with which a printer or external storage capacity can be shared on the network, and it is possible to connect an active fiber optic connection (AON). Reverting to the original firmware is always possible; so make sure you have a backup. Updating the firmware can be done from the user interface yourself, but you can also download it separately. The new firmware includes Fritz!OS 7.01 and brings the following improvements.

New Features:

  • New Features for Mesh Second FRITZ!Box as Mesh Repeater for WiFi, Smart Home and telephony
  • Many new features for FRITZ!Fon devices
  • Register for regular status updates for your FRITZ!Box (MyFRITZ! report)
  • New features for the FRITZ! Hotspot
  • MyFRITZ! access to FRITZ!Box via internet now comes without security information in the browser
  • Increased speed when using USB storage media with NTFS data systems
  • Support for DECT ULE/HAN FUN, the manufacturer-independent standard for Smart Home devices
  • Schedule for call diversion: configure once so that you can always be reached
  • Transmit telephone numbers to additional FRITZ!Boxes
  • Support for Deutsche Telekom SIP Trunking (DeutschlandLAN SIP Trunk / SIP Trunk Pooling)

Note: Instructions for configuring and using Mesh functions are presented at Note: Instructions for configuring and using Mesh functions are presented at

Version number 151.07.01
Release status Final
Website AVM
File size


License type Freeware
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