Fire forest fire with bombs? In Sweden it succeeded

The Swedish Air Force has managed to extinguish a forest fire in a spectacular way. Not with water, but with bombs. And with success, because the fire has been extinguished.

Bombing forest fire

For two weeks there was a forest fire in Sweden. The area is difficult to reach by aircraft. The fire was in a military training area. There were also unexploded bombs and grenades, which makes it extra dangerous. A number of fighter planes have been sent to the site of the forest fire. Each of these aircraft had a GBU-49 laser-controlled bomb. At nearly three kilometers altitude, each aircraft dropped a bomb. Up to about 100 meters at the impact point the bombs extinguished the fire. How?

Explosion wave

An explosive wave is created by the bombs. Then there is a temporary shortage of oxygen, causing the fire to go out. The flames are separated from the source, trees and bushes in this case. This is similar to blowing out candles. When you do that, you separate the flame from the fuse. This is also done with oil fires, because absolutely no water can be used for this.

Here is a video of the bombs on the fire:

The bombs were equipped with GPS and laser signal. With GPS, an object can be selected on the ground. If the enemy blocks the satellite signals, the laser can be used.

It is not the first time that bombs are used in nature. In 1935, a general bombed a volcano on Hawaii to stop the lava eruption. In 2016, the Russian Air Force threw a bomb on a frozen river to make the water flow again.