Six fun apps for the summer

The most commonly used apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Travel Planner or a weather app are on their smartphone for most people. Yet there are also a lot of other fun apps that are less known but certainly fun to use.

We have listed six nice apps for you, which can certainly come in handy in the summer months.

1. Handpick

Open the fridge, do not know what you want to eat, but do not feel like shopping? With this app you will find recipes based on individual ingredients. You can choose from 10,000 ingredients. The dishes come from food blogs to recipe websites. You can also follow food topics, where you can see the latest food trends of your own interests.

If you get a spontaneous visit during the summer, simply look in the app for what you can make with the two avocados that you have left.

2. Duolingo

Whether you have a holiday love, want to practice with the language of your holiday destination, or have time left: with the Duolingo app you learn the basics of a language for free. You practice listening and speaking skills in various topics. So you can smoothly say to that nice Italian: “Mi piaci tanto”.

3. Untappd

Summer is about drinking beer with friends on the terrace, that’s just the way it is. The app ‘ Untappd ‘ is a social network that is completely focused on beer. You can check in at pubs, discover new beers and unlock badges. It is also educational because you will find information about local or trending beers in the app. In the timeline you see beer photos of friends. Cheers!

4. The Lockdown

The Lockdown is the first mobile AR escape room. With this, you turn every room into an escape room. In the game you are in the year 2028. Cryptocurrency is the only valid currency, but a hack means that millions of people can no longer reach their money. With challenges you try to track down the cyber criminal. Great entertainment on a rainy summer day, although at the moment they seem far away.

5. FestivAll

Want to grab a festival? With the app FestivAll you can find festivals around you. You also immediately see the line-up and you can buy tickets through the app.

6. Diewithme

A last app in this list is Diewithme. This one is especially funny, which is why we add it to it. You can only use this app if you have less than 5 percent of your battery. You can then chat with others whose battery is also low. “Dying together in a chat on the road to offline peace,” as they call it

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