FCC scrutinizes regulations on electromagnetic radiation

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The FCC will look into whether the rules regarding the transmission of electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices should be changed. The telecom watchdog is looking for scientific data to improve its existing standards.

FCC Chairman Julius Geachowski has circulate an internal proposal, which has not yet been made public, calling for a formal investigation into the existing emission standards. These have been in existence since 1996 and could possibly be improved or tightened up. The American telecom watchdog wants to get input from science for this. Among other things, the rules for devices used by children will be looked at.

It is still unclear whether the FCC will actually change its procedures and rules. The organization emphasizes that it does not believe in harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. However, new emission standards can provide for modified test procedures when inspecting equipment that emits radiation.

Much research has been carried out in recent years into the effects of electromagnetic radiation. A recent study of more than 350,000 people found that cell phone use does not increase the risk of cancer. However, it appears that mobile phones can locally increase brain activity and possibly also influence pregnancy. However, harmful health effects have not yet been concretely demonstrated.

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