Fallout 76 players complain about having to pay for fridge as a non-cosmetic item

Fallout 76 players are complaining about the in-game introduction of two items that aren’t just cosmetic. It concerns a refrigerator and a robot that automatically searches for things. These items are available in the game’s digital store for seven and five euros respectively.

On the Reddit page for Fallout 76, quite a few players are complaining about the introduction of the refrigerator in particular, centering on the earlier promise that the Atomic Store would only offer microtransactions for cosmetic items. Pete Hines of Bethesda stated in an interview with Metro last year that microtransactions would only be cosmetic and that there would be no pay-to-win elements. This has already changed in a sense with the addition of repair kits that can be purchased in-store with the digital in-game currency Atoms. According to players, this created a slippery slope. They now refer to this again with the introduction of the refrigerator and the robot, which at least give players a gameplay advantage.

The refrigerator must be built first. Players can place food and drink in it, reducing the rate of spoilage by fifty percent. For this, players have to pay 700 Atoms, which is roughly equivalent to seven euros. In addition, the Collectron Station has been introduced with the new patch. This is a robot that scans the nearby environment for simple items and waste. This robot costs 500 Atoms. Since Atoms can only be purchased in a few set bundle quantities, players may end up spending $20 to get both the robot and the fridge, as the bundle of 1,100 Atoms isn’t enough; the next bundle option available consists of 2400 Atoms for twenty euros. Atoms can also be earned in-game by completing tasks and tackling challenges.

There are also complaints on Reddit that the idea of ​​the refrigerator was previously suggested by a member of the community. Bethesda responded positively to that; an employee indicated that the suggestion was passed on to the development team. There is also a player who makes a comparison with Automatron on the basis of the price for the refrigerator. This is an add-on for Fallout 4 from 2016 that offers a multitude of new content for ten euros. Furthermore, quite a few players feel that the robot collector and refrigerators should be quest rewards and not part of the Atomic Store.

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