Fallout 76 is getting vending machines that allow players to sell items to each other

Fallout 76 players will soon be able to sell goods directly to each other. A new patch of the game adds ‘player vending’, which allows players to set up their own online store.

Maker Bethesda announced this in the release notes of Patch 9, which will be released on May 7. The main addition is that of personal Vending Machines in players’ camps. Such machines allow players to sell items to others that they have found during quests or elsewhere in the game. The map then shows which players are selling what. Players can decide for themselves how much items will cost. In the meantime, items remain in a player’s inventory.

This month’s update also includes a new feature that allows players to purchase legendary items using a new in-game currency, the Scrip. They can collect these via new machines that are placed in the world. Also, after the update, players will be able to use display cases to display items, and a new Survival score will be added to the Survival mode leaderboard.