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'Facebook wants to predict user behavior for advertising purposes'

Facebook would plan to build new tools that would allow it to predict future behavior of its users. That knowledge would then turn Facebook on for ads.

Although the plans were not made public, they would be read in an internal document that came into the hands of The Intercept. The document describes a new advertising concept, in which companies can focus on the behavior and decisions of users in the future. This is predicted with artificial intelligence that learns to estimate the behavior of the user and can predict future decisions based on this. This tool would build Facebook with FBLearner Flow, ai software that the company already introduced two years ago.
One of the possible applications for companies is to identify users who may be planning to switch to a different brand . Companies could show ads to users who might want to buy a competitive product and try to change their thinking. The data of the users would otherwise remain anonymous for the companies.
If the plans are to continue, Facebook will therefore extend the ways in which users targeted can be used by advertisers. Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was critically questioned by the American parliament for privacy infringement and data abuse. In a statement, the top man announced that his company is going to do more to prevent data abuse. However, it does not appear that it will also restrict the collection and interpretation of personal data, if the news from The Intercept is correct.


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