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EA comes with cosmetic ingame purchases for Star Wars Battlefront II

EA made it possible again to buy stuff in Star Wars Battlefront II with real money. This time it is not about content that influences the gameplay, but rather about cosmetic attributes. EA received great criticism because of the so-called loot boxes.

In a message on its website EA announced that Crystals will be reintroduced into the game. The Crystals are an ingame currency that must be purchased with real money. Thereafter, cosmetic adjustments can be paid in Star Wars Battlefront II; according to EA there is a choice of 50 so-called Appearances.

The offering of real estate stuff came to EA last year on major criticism. Players found that the purchases caused a significantly faster progression, while playing without spending real money led to very slow progress. As a result, Star Wars Battlefront II was seen by a large number of players as pay to win . Eventually EA gave in and the so-called loot boxes were removed from the game and the progression system adapted .

In the news article on his website EA also announces the arrival of the mini-game Night on Endor. This will be temporarily available from 18 April. In the Ewok Hunt a group of Ewoks hunts Stormtroopers, in a kind of last man standing concept, and the Stormtroopers have to endure long enough to be evacuated.

In November, EA announced that it had chosen not to put cosmetic attributes in the loot boxes, for fear of violating the canon of Star Wars.

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