Facebook tests pop-up in US asking users if friend is ‘becoming an extremist’

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Facebook is testing in the United States to show users a pop-up asking if they are concerned that a friend is becoming an extremist. The company confirms the test and reports that it is part of several measures to prevent extremism on Facebook.

Last week, some users first received a message asking ‘Are you concerned that someone you know may become an extremist?’ Facebook confirms the test with the pop-up to CNN. The test is part of a Facebook program to fight extremism on the platform.

According to Facebook spokesman Andy Stone, the intention is that Facebook will “provide assistance to users who may have come into contact with extremist content or who may know someone at risk”. According to Stone, this initiative involves collaboration with organizations and experts.

The report redirects users to a page where they are referred to various organizations that try to combat hate (online). For example, there is a support group that helps people to leave violent, far-right groups.

Facebook is regularly criticized for how it handles hateful and violent content on the platform. Critics say Facebook isn’t doing enough to remove harmful content and protect its users.

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