Nexus Mods no longer lets Mods delete files

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Nexus Mods is going to change the content removal policy on the site. This has to do with an upcoming feature for the site in which mods will be collected in ‘collections’. This means that mods can no longer be deleted, only archived.

In a comprehensive blog over on Nexus Mods, the team behind the site explained why mods won’t be able to simply be removed from the site any time soon. This has to do with the new function ‘collections’ in which different mods for a specific game can be collected and then installed in one go.

To implement this new feature, mods can no longer simply be removed according to the developers. Instead, the mod will be archived, but will remain available through the collections already created with the mod. When a mod is removed, it can happen that an entire collection no longer works.

According to the Nexus Mods team, this is not workable and that is why Moders will soon only be able to archive their mods. When a mod is archived, it remains available in collections, but the mod can no longer be found or downloaded directly via Nexus Mods.

If Modders currently wish to permanently remove mods, they will be able to do so within the next month. For that they have to contact support. Mods can no longer be removed after this month.

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