Qualcomm expects to hit the market with Apple M1 competitor next year

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Qualcomm’s new CEO Cristiano Amon expects to launch a powerful laptop chip by mid-2022. According to Amon, the new chip should be able to compete with Apple’s M1 processor.

In an interview with Reuters, Amon said Qualcomm wants to focus more on processors for laptops. The chip manufacturer is now mainly known for its chips for smartphones and tablets. According to Amon, this will change next year.

Qualcomm can compete with Apple and other chip makers with the acquisition of the company Nuvia that the company made earlier this year. This start-up consists of ex-Apple chip designers and after the acquisition, Qualcomm announced that it would come up with powerful laptop chips in 2022. Amon’s comments seem to suggest that Nuvia’s team is well on the way to making this happen.

Amon also expects Qualcomm to grow strongly in China in the coming year. The China-US trade war has hit Chinese manufacturer Huawei with sanctions, creating room for Qualcomm, Amon said.

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