Facebook starts showing exclusive and official music videos in the US

Facebook has started showing official music videos in the US. The social network has made deals with record labels for this, allowing users to add clips of artists to the news feed. Some videos are exclusive to Facebook.

Facebook writes that the test is starting in the US. Previously, there were rumors that the social network had made deals with several major labels. Facebook now confirms that. In the US, Facebook partners with Sony, Universal and Warner, as well as smaller labels such as Merlin and Kobalt. The videos will appear in users’ news feed, but there will also be a special section in Facebook Watch where users can view videos or playlists by genre.

Facebook says it will also show exclusive music videos from artists. These are videos from J. Balvin, Karol G, and Caliber 50. Live events would also be organized with certain artists, after which their videos would also appear exclusively on the platform.

Facebook has been trying to gain a foothold in the music market for years. The company would already be in talks with the labels in 2015. The company now also feels the competition from YouTube and now also TikTok. Until now, attempts to self-release more videos on the platform have never been very successful.