Facebook founder Zuckerberg: Apple’s behavior must be investigated

Apple’s behavior around the App Store should be investigated, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview. He doesn’t want to answer the question of whether regulators should investigate Apple for that.

Zuckerberg says in an interview with Axios on HBO that there are “ questions people should be looking at. ” It’s about Apple’s control of the App Store and monopoly on app distribution on iOS. “In doing so, people should consider whether that allows for robust competitive dynamics,” said Zuckerberg.

The Facebook founder makes a comparison with Android, whereby Google has its own download store with the Play Store, but other ways of installing apps are also allowed. Below that are also alternative download stores.

Zuckerberg specifically doesn’t want to say whether government regulators should look to Apple. “I don’t think I’m necessarily the person to answer that.” He is probably referring to the antitrust concerns surrounding Facebook’s position in the market for social media and chat apps. Regulators are also investigating this.

Zuckerberg says Apple’s behavior “raises questions.” “And I think it’s something that requires detailed research,” said the Facebook CEO. Apple has been widely criticized for its monopoly on app distribution in the App Store. Some developers find the remittance of 30 percent of the revenue exorbitantly high, while Spotify, for example, believes that Apple is abusing its dominant position to favor its own payment services such as Apple Music.