Epic: Apple turns off ‘Sign in with Apple’ in Fortnite on Friday

Epic says Apple is turning off the option to sign in via Apple in Fortnite on Friday. Users who use the option can enter an email address in their account before then and optionally use a password.

Apple takes the step on Friday, September 11, claims Epic. Apple has not yet responded. With ‘Sign in with Apple’, the software generates an email address that forwards emails to users’ email addresses and the manufacturer replaces the password with biometric authentication on iOS devices.

Epic has put a Help page online to guide users through the steps to maintain access to their own account. If Apple disabled the option on Friday, it will no longer be possible to log in, but Epic claims that it will be possible to recover user data if players contact Epic.

Disabling sign-in via Apple would be the next step in the battle between Apple and Epic. The legal battle between the two companies started when Epic introduced its own payment system in August, after which Apple removed the Fortnite game from the App Store. Google did the same in its digital app store.

Subsequently, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against both parties, over the monopoly of the two companies and the restrictions of the policy on third parties. In an earlier preliminary ruling, a judge indicated that Apple may block Fortnite, but the developer account Epic owns for the Unreal engine should not be banned. This case between Apple and Epic will officially begin on September 28.