Facebook comes with Campus function for students

Facebook has presented the Campus feature, a way for students to see only posts and groups from their own university. Campus has its own Newsfeed, ways to find students per subject and chat rooms per university.

The feature only works at 30 universities in the United States, Facebook says. Campus is a separate part of the app that includes its own Newsfeed with only post from students from your own university, the chat rooms and the search function to show only fellow students in the search results.

Campus is similar to the way Facebook worked in its early days, when it was an online face book for universities and worked with a separate database for each university.

The company dropped that line a few years after it was founded. Ironically, the new Campus feature doesn’t work at Harvard, the school where Mark Zuckerberg started in 2004 with what was then called Thefacebook. It is unknown whether and when Campus will become available at universities in the Benelux.