Live stream: Follow Apple Event September 2020 live

Tuesday, September 15th: circle it with red in the calendar!  Apple will give a keynote, which is always good for a lot of spectacle in September. You probably want to follow that live. In this article, we already share the Apple Event Livestream.

1. Live stream Apple Event via YouTube

Like the previous editions, you can follow the Apple Event live via a live-stream on YouTube. The link Apple has already put these online. On this page you can already click on “Set reminder”; you will receive a message when the keynote starts on Tuesday.

2. Via iPhone, iPad or Mac

With an iPhone, iPad or Mac you can also watch the event live in the Safari web browser. You will find the link on the Apple website on Tuesday, at the special one Events page.

3. Live stream Apple Event via Apple TV

There is also an Apple Event Livestream on the Apple TV. On the second and third-generation Apple TV, a special channel will automatically appear on Tuesday evening on which you follow the keynote live. On the latest Apple TV 4 and newer, you can download the Apple Special Event app from the Apple TV App Store. With the first-generation Apple TV you have to do with the first or second tip, unfortunately.


The September event is different than usual due to the consequences of the coronavirus. This time not a room full of journalists; instead, the event will take place entirely online. Probably, just like with WWDC 2020, Apple will make a slick video production in advance.

And while previous editions were predictable, it is now a matter of guessing what Apple will present. Securities seem like an announcement of an Apple Watch Series 6 and a new iPad. Traditionally, Apple will also unveil new iPhones in September, but that is uncertain now. And who knows, we might also hear about the AirTags, new Apple TV, AirPods Studio or HomePod mini.