Facebook and Instagram will remove false claims about corona vaccines

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Facebook and Instagram will remove claims and messages about corona vaccinations that have been debunked by public health experts from the platforms. Facebook specifically cites the example that the vaccines contain microchips as a claim that will soon be removed.

The two platforms will not immediately remove the false claims, Facebook writes. The company does not say why it is delaying this, only that it “is not possible” to implement the policy immediately. Facebook wants to start removing the incorrect messages ‘in the coming weeks’.

Facebook will remove messages that contain false information about the safety, efficacy, ingredients or side effects of the corona vaccines. The platform specifically cites the conspiracy theory that the vaccines contain microchips as a false claim that the company is going to remove. Other conspiracy theories, such as that specific population groups are inoculated as a test without permission, are also being removed. Because the known facts surrounding the vaccines may change over time and research, Facebook says it will continuously adjust its approach to removing the messages.

Since the beginning of this year, Facebook has been removing false claims or conspiracy theories that health organizations find harmful. This is part of Facebook’s strategy to keep users ‘safe and informed’ during the corona pandemic. Removing false claims about the vaccines is also part of this strategy. Facebook is now going to remove these false vaccine claims as more and more countries want to start vaccinating the population.

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