Equip 1.49.0 with Tier 1 support for 64-bit Arm Linux systems is out

The developers behind Rust have released Rust 1.49.0. The new stable release includes better support for 64-bit Arm infrastructures for Linux.

Rust 1.49.0 just came out before the new year. The most significant change is that support for 64-bit Arm Linux systems has been given a ‘Tier 1’ status. That means that the programming language receives the highest possible support from the developers. Under a Tier 1 status, new versions are run on all supported systems after every change in the compiler to find bugs. Rust has been available on 64-bit Arm Linux systems for some time, but only with a Tier 2 state where the developers only guarantee that the build is compiled, but may still have bugs in the code. It is the first time that a non-x86 target has reached that Tier 1 status.

With the new version of the programming language, 64-bit systems Arm systems on macOS and Windows are also supported; they go from Tier 3 to Tier 2 status. This means a guarantee that builds are executed, but also that prebuilt binaries are made available. The developers also say that Rust 1.49.0 has three new stable functions: slice :: select_nth_unstable, slice :: select_nth_unstable_by and slice :: select_nth_unstable_by_key. According to the changelog, there are also other minor changes.