Epic Games Hosts Interactive Martin Luther King Experience in Fortnite

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Fortnite players can relive Martin Luther King’s world-famous 1963 speech in a virtual Washington DC. Players learn about the themes of the speech through in-game activities, which they must complete together.

For this in-game experience, titled March Through Time, members of the Fortnite community teamed up with contributors to Time magazine. The team created a virtual representation of the Lincoln Memorial building and its environs in Washington DC. There, in 1963, the late American Reverend Martin Luther King gave his 17-minute speech against racism and oppression.

Not only can players listen to the full speech, mini-games and interactive points-of-interest have also been incorporated into the in-game experience. According to Epic Games, after completing all activities, more explanation and context will be given to the themes that Martin Luther King brought up in his speech. Players also receive a unique tag that they can use in the game.

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