Gearbox opens Montreal game studio to work on new titles

Game developer Gearbox has opened a new studio in Montreal. 250 employees must come to the studio to work on games. It is Gearbox’s third studio and the second in Canada.

In the new studio, Gearbox employees will work on games within the Borderlands series, as well as on games in new series. The project is still in its infancy; no details are given yet about what kind of new series those should be. Gearbox Montreal employees will partner with Gearbox’s other studios in Texas and Quebec.

It is unknown when the new studio will open. Gearbox says it will invest 200 million Canadian dollars, about 134 million euros, in the new studio. With the 250 employees, Gearbox will have more than 850 employees who work on games. Gearbox recruits both local and international employees for the studio.

Gearbox was founded in Texas in 1999 and initially worked on expansions for Half-Life games. Later, the developer also started making their own games, with the Borderlands games probably the best-known example. In 2015, the developer expanded with a second studio; this one arrived in Quebec. Earlier this year, Gearbox was acquired by the Swedish Embracer Group.

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