Epic Games also wants to release Fortnite for Android in the summer

Epic Games has announced that it plans to release the Android version of its popular game Fortnite in the summer. The game is already available on mobile devices, but only for iOS users.

In the announcement, Epic Games writes that it is “focusing on the summer” with the release and that it wants to announce more information afterwards. As a result, it is not possible to say exactly within which time frame the Android version will be released. The iOS version of the game became available to all users as early as April, after it was previously only available to play by subscription or by invitation. According to an estimate by analyst firm Sensor Tower, this version grossed about $15 million in its first three weeks of release.

In addition, Epic Games announces that it is working on support for speech in the mobile version and on reducing the installation file and patches. Other changes include stat tracking for mobile players, the addition of a battery saver mode, and improvements to the game’s gameplay and performance. Earlier this week, Epic Games released an interface customization feature.