Epic Begins Self-Publish Closed Beta on Epic Games Store

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Epic is starting a trial where developers can self-publish their games on the Epic Games Store. It is a closed beta. Developers must meet a number of requirements; porn and VR-only games are not allowed.

Self-publishing allows game developers to post games to the Epic Store themselves. They will then no longer be guided by Epic employees in creating product pages, achievements, determining pricing and uploading builds. Epic says in the announcement that it hopes that the Store can grow faster. It is currently a closed beta where developers can sign up for.

There are several qualifications that games and their developers must meet. For example, only virtual reality games are not allowed. If a game includes multiplayer options, they must also be compatible with other PC stores. Developers are free to use any cross-play technology they want.

Epic also warns that games must work, and they must do what is stated in the accompanying product description. Games that contain pornography can be removed, just like if they contain ‘illegal content’, copyrights are violated, or if the game contains discriminatory content.

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