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El Chapo season 3 from today on Netflix

Devotees of Narcos and El Chapo can now start enjoying the 3 e and last season about the true life of Joaquin ‘El Chapo “Guzman. Of course again on Netflix . El Chapo is the most notorious Mexican drug lord of this century, the godfather of the drug cartel Sinaloa. The story continues after the first prison period in which he managed to escape in a spectacular way in a laundry cart with the help of bribed prison guards.

Season 3 El Chapo

In this 3 e and also last season we see the second even more spectacular escape via an underground tunnel. The actual images that you can find everywhere on the internet are now world famous. After this escape El Chapo becomes increasingly powerful and he has to take more and more risks to run his drug empire. Ultimately, things go wrong and the drug lord is arrested in 2016.

The trial against Guzman will begin on September 15 a.s and will probably take three to four months. The jury will decide anonymously about the fate of drug lord, in order to protect against possible revenge. Guzman must account for this jury for 17 indictments, including directing a criminal organization. El Chapo is still in an isolation cell from the moment he was delivered to the US in January 2017.

And you have not seen the previous seasons. Then check the trailers for season 1 and 2 below.

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